Location Scouts

We've been location scouting like crazy lately! Lots of adventurous field trips taking place as we start preparing for what our next film is going to be. One of our most recent location scouts was just 15 minutes from where we live. You would never believe this is basically in our backyard right here in Southern California! After the color tests, this apocalyptic setting looks cold and mysterious.

The West and the Ruthless, FilmQuest Review

Two years ago, the screenplay for The West and the Ruthless made its first splash at FilmQuest. Well we just had the the chance to show them the final film and it was SUPER fantastic! 

Here’s the review:

"Swaggering onto the screen with confidence and bravado, The West and the Ruthless will keep you guessing as it boils over to its thrilling conclusion. Grabbing you by the face and never letting go, Ruthless packs more grit than a prize fighter, and promises a showdown that will leave you breathless." 

Jonathan Martin, FilmQuest

Along with the original screenplay for The West and the Ruthless, FilmQuest has screened our last 4 short films, The Umbrella Factory, Jack the Ripper, Around the World in 80 Days, and Haunting of the White Sparrow. 

The West and the Ruthless will be released by 4 Digital and Sony Pictures. 

New Work for CCEA

Naissance was asked to create Style Frames for a campaign kicking off a new direction for the CCEA. The design used some stunning flat style graphics, characters, and hand drawn fonts and it looks amazing! 

CCEA, Spot 1

CCEA, Spot 2

CCEA, Spot 3

Up Yours

Naissance designed and directed 3 new spots for Unite Here! The catchy slogan of Up Yours is about upping your pay. Up yours today! Here's some of the super stylish style frames from the initial pitch showcasing some really striking visuals. 


New Commercial Work

Along with all of the amazing film work we’ve done this year, we’ve also been directing and working on a ton of amazing commercial campaigns and have even wrapped up titles and art direction for an amazing new TV Series (which we’re not allowed to talk about just yet :)

We’ve created some incredible work for HarperOne, Random House, Nevada Education, AECOM, Kaiser, Marketo, Unite Here, I Am America, Glassbreaker Films, Kelton, Reveal, and a really cool pitch for Nickelodeon, as well as a spot for Sketchers starring Golf Pro Matt Kuchar!

Check out some of the super cool new work below!

The West and the Ruthless, Enters the Hall of Fame!

Exactly one year ago today, cameras started rolling on The West and the Ruthless! We just received these great pics of the poster being put up in Town Hall at Old Tucson Studios, where the film was produced. It has a nice little spot between Tombstone and Young Guns! Couldn’t be happier about that :)

To celebrate, here’s a few more shots we’ve been holding on to! These verticals were early poster concepts and look great!

4 Digital and Sony Pictures to Release The West and the Ruthless

The West and the Ruthless, the debut feature film by Nick + Lexie, was picked up in Cannes by 4 Digital and will be released for Sony Pictures. The sale was overseen by Tall Tree Entertainment who acquired the film earlier this year. 

The film will be released on DVD, Blu Ray, and Digital.

The West and the Ruthless premiered at AIFF in April and has received rave reviews with praise for it’s performances and cinematography as well as it’s non-linear structure with comparisons to Doug Liman’s film “Go” and the works of Quentin Tarantino. The film stars Danny Brown, Dan Fowlks, Rebecca Gomberg, Paul Haapaneimi, Alexander Harris, Benedict Mazurek, Will Roberts, Zoe Sloane, with Matt Boone and Katelyn Ann Clark. 

New Work for Marketo

Marketo is changing the face of advertising with a complete range of B2B offerings and Naissance and Kaboom teamed up to make them look awesome! Check out the Online Ads below as well as some of the initial concepts!

Marketo, Spot 1

Marketo, Spot 2

Marketo, Spot 3

Style Frames

Other Designs


SUPER PROUD of this work we did for Reflective Democracy. We developed the campaign from scratch to be an inclusive look at America creating online designs, posters, and mobilization featuring a diverse cast of characters.

Online Campaign



Interview with Script Magazine

We just did a really GREAT interview with Cheryl Laughlin for Script Magazine!

The article discusses the Myths About Westerns and Why We Actually Love Them.

The interview is with Nick Trivundza and Cat Stewart discussing the aspects of writing a western film for modern audiences. 

Here’s one of our favorite parts:

“We invented the fictional town of Crow’s Landing, so it could be everything we ever wanted a Western town to be,” Nick notes. “For audiences, it’s somewhere old but new: it’s a place where people from all walks of life are colliding out West. It’s a melting pot of diversity and people looking for new beginnings.”

And Cat reminds us why we like these characters in the first place, “Characters in the old West were the original anti-heroes. There’s a real catharsis in seeing a really bad guy (or girl) finally get what’s coming to him.”

Check out the full article right here:


New Awards!

SO excited to announce that this last Spring has brought in a ton of awards for some of the super great work we’ve been doing here with advertising agency MTA. 

Awards include 2 Silver Pollie Awards and 5 Bronze Telly Awards! 

The agency took home another 3 Telly awards as well. Congrats and high fives all around!

Check out some of the award winning work below!

Private Tour of a Ghost Town

The day after the Premiere of The West and the Ruthless (which was phenomenal :) we met up with Producer Rob Jensen and headed out to Mescal, which seems to be out in the middle of nowhere as your drive through the deserts of Arizona. Rob was one of the producers on The West and the Ruthless and heads up the production at Old Tucson Studios.

When we were shooting the film, he had also mentioned how amazing their other backlot was, Mescal. It’s the legendary site of the OK Corral shootout from Tombstone. 

The location scout was like having a private tour of a ghost town. it was amazing. Here’s a few snapshots below.  

The West and the Ruthless, Premiere and Party!

What an incredible Premiere we had for The West and the Ruthless! Thank you for everyone who came out to support the film (I cannot believe how packed the theater was, holy crap!) and for all of you who rooted for us from further away!! 

The audience reaction was full of so much enthusiasm and excitement! I could feel them going through each of the emotional arcs throughout the film which was just so amazing. I am so proud of everyone who worked so hard and so much to help accomplish this dream Nick and I have had for so long! It was definitely up there as one of the best moments in my life and will cherish that memory for a very long time! :D

The West and the Ruthless Heads to Cannes

Our feature film The West and the Ruthless will be heading to Cannes this May! The film was acquired for World Wide Distribution by Tall Tree Entertainment in January as part of their 2017 line up. International sales kicked off during the Berlin Film Festival at EFM and will now continue during the Marche Du Film at the Festival de Cannes. 

The film, Directed by Nick + Lexie Trivundza and produced in Association with Old Tucson Studios stars Danny Brown, Dan Fowlks, Rebecca Gomberg, Paul Haapaniemi, Alexander Harris, Benedict Mazurek, Will Roberts, Zoe Sloane with Matt Boone, and Katelyn Ann Clark. 

If you haven’t seen the trailer or posters, you can check everything out at the Official Site:

The West and the Ruthless, Panel Discussion

Join us April 21st at 7:30PM for a Panel Discussion following The West and the Ruthless! We'll chat about the making of the film and also have a Q&A. The Panel will take place as part of AIFF and we couldn’t be more excited!

Tickets will be on sale soon! For more information check out the Official Site:


Also, with the Premiere quickly approaching, we just had the chance to proof the posters heading out from the print shop on their way to the festival. They look incredible! 

Brand New Interview with Zocalo Magazine!

The April Issue of Zocalo Magazine is out! SUPER excited for this issue since it includes an interview we just did and some Behind the Scenes on The West and the Ruthless! 

Here's one of my favorite parts:

Zocalo Magazine: You co-directed the film with your wife, Lexie. How did the two of you end up working together?

NT: Lexie and I met in the advertising world where she was producing and I was directing for advertising agencies. The romantic and creative partnership sort of happened instantaneously. We kept getting paired up on the same projects. So, one thing lead to another, yada yada yada, now we’re married and decided to direct our first feature film together, a Western. Our daughter - who was a year and a half at the time of the shoot - makes a cameo in the film.


Please make sure to buy a copy today! OR read it online over at:


Or DOWNLOAD it for your iPad, Tablet, Desktop:


The West and the Ruthless, Tons of Awards!

We’re thrilled to announce that The West and the Ruthless just took home a ton of awards! The Genre Celebration Festival (a celebration of genre films including Westerns, Sci-Fi, Horror, Noir, and more) has officially sent us the award announcements! 

The film was awarded Best Western Film, Best Actress (for Danny Brown as Mary Laclede) and Best Visual FX. The film was also nominated for Best Actor (for Alexander Harris as Grant Morgan) and Best Cinematography!

Genre Celebration Festival Screenings will be happening later this year in Shanghai! 

The West and the Ruthless, World Premiere at the Arizona International Film Festival!

We are so excited to announce the World Premiere of The West and the Ruthless! The Premiere will be held during the Arizona International Film Festival this April! 

After shooting the film in Tucson, we couldn’t think of a better place to hold the World Premiere! The Arizona International Film Festival is the longest running Film Festival in Arizona and will be held April 19th - 30th. 

The Premeire will take place April 21st, Friday, at 7:30PM. 

The West and the Ruthless was Directed By Nick + Lexie Trivundza and Produced in Association with Old Tucson Studios. The film stars (in alphabetical order) Danny Brown, Dan Fowlks, Rebecca Gomberg, Paul Haapeniemi, Alexander Harris, Benedict Mazurek, Will Roberts, and Zoe Sloane with Matt Boone and Katelyn Ann Clark.

The West and the Ruthless, Clip 04: “The Crow's Landing Shoot Out”

A western isn’t a western unless it has a great shoot out - and The West and the Ruthless has a pretty F'ing Great one. Sorry about the F bomb there, but we’re cool with it if you are. If you're not, then we'll just say it's pretty great. 

This clip features Danny Brown, Zoe Sloane, Dan Fowlks, Paul Haapaniemi, Benedict Mazurek, Rebecca Gomberg and Katelyn Ann Clark. In a scene that includes a bloody shoot out and a woman giving birth. 

The West and the Ruthless, Beautiful Coloring

With the West and the Ruthless off to Berlin last week we had the chance to jump in and do some amazing last minute coloring and VFX work! Down below are just a few examples from the final film. 

The first shot below of Rebeca Gomberg as Scarlet is actually a set extension. The original shot only went to the windows beside her. The back of the train is all a recreation. 

Here's a few more of the beautiful new details.