Location Scouting: Iceland

One of the most exciting and adventurous location scouts so far has been to the wonders of Iceland. We wanted to see the ice in Iceland so we went in winter. One of the best parts was our plane flying through the northern lights. One of the worst parts was it was so cold Nick’s contacts started freezing inside his eyeballs. 

Children’s Hospital, Concepts

While we were designing an upcoming spot for the Children’s Hospital, one of the design avenues we wanted to try out was a fun illustrated / flat style approach. We worked with Aaron Kemnitzer and he did some lovely work! Check out these great looking style frames below! 


New Work for Visa!

We worked with Intrepid to bring this super fun, high energy piece to life for the upcoming Visa Conference where some of the biggest brands and companies in the world will be gathering to partner with Visa.

Here’s an overview of just some of the great new Design & Animation we’ve done for Visa with Intrepid.


New Work for Unite Here!

We worked on a wonderful spot for the upcoming event sponsored by Unite Here, honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and the strike that inspired a revolution!


Location Scouting: Kauai

Since we have a jungle project, we’ve been going to rainforests all around the world. From Costa Rica to the indoor jungles of St. Louis at the Climatron, to the gardens of Pasadena, and out to the island of Kauai. Here we climbed the edges of cliffs, beautiful rivers and beaches, and hopped in a helicopter! 

Our Third Episode Coming to Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network!

Join us on Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Network this Sunday Night (8p ET) as we show off our original short film, Little Red Riding Hood! This is our THIRD episode (holy smokes!) as we discuss filmmaking and show off some behind the scenes of making the short! 

The film stars Christie Eichinger, Cassidy Findarle, and the voice of TV3's Gordon Hayden. 

The Episode Airs March 25th and we’ll once again be joined by some other amazing filmmakers and host Jorge R. Gutiérrez, director of The Book of Life and the upcoming Lego Movie sequel! 

The West and the Ruthless European Release April 26!

The West and the Ruthless is now available just about everywhere! It’s available to rent, stream, and download on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Vudu, it’s available to purchase online at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Target, or you can pick up a copy in stores at retailers such as Walmart, it’s even now available on Tivo, Cable and Dish via On Demand! 

BUT WAIT, there’s more! The European Release has now been slated for April 26! The European Distribution is being handled by Many More Films after being acquired by Tall Tree Entertainment last year. The European Release will be available at iTunes, SF Anytime, Blockbuster, Plejmo, Elisa (Finland), and Altibox.

The West and the Ruthless, is an award winning feature film and directorial debut by Nick + Lexie (Nick Trivundza and Lexie Trivundza). The film is a Revisionist Western and was produced in association with Old Tucson Studios (Rio Bravo, Tombstone, The Quick and the Dead, 3:10 To Yuma, and The Magnificent 7) and stars (in alphabetical order) Danny Brown, Dan Fowlks, Rebecca Gomberg, Paul Haapeniemi, Alexander Harris, Benedict Mazurek, Will Roberts, Zoe Sloane with Matt Boone and Katelyn Ann Clark. 

Brand New Score for Jack the Ripper

A brand new score for our short film Jack the Ripper has been composed by Gareth Murphy with a full orchestra. Gareth contacted us last year about loving the short film and wanting to try his hand at a score. What he delivers is a brand new take on the film that is wonderfully haunting and creepy and reminiscent of some of our favorite films of all time. 

Gareth, seen in the photo with his back to the camera dressed in black, worked with Gavin Greenaway as the conductor who has conducted huge blockbuster films (just last year he did  Dunkirk, Kingsman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Guardians of the Galaxy)!

Jack the Ripper had an amazing run on the festival circuit and can now be seen on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network. 


Judging at the Red Dirt International Film Festival!


We're really excited to be judges this year at the Red Dirt International Film Festival! As alumni of the festival with five films there (Little Red Riding Hood, The Umbrella Factory, Jack the Ripper, Haunting of the White Sparrow, and Around the World in 80 Days) we’re over the moon to be a part of the process this year and watch some amazing films from some amazing filmmakers!

For more information on the Festival, which starts March 22, check out the official site right here:


Location Scouting: Tower Grove

Only a few hundred feet away from the humid jungles of The Climatron is a Victorian Mansion,  Mausoleum, Brick Townhouses from the 1800s, and a Maze. This was the home of Henry Shaw, the namesake of Shaw’s Garden. Out of all of the mansions we’ve been scouting lately, this is one of our favorites. 

Location Scouting: Climatron

One of the coolest places in the world we’ve visited for a location scout is definitely Shaw’s Garden (The Missouri Botanical Gardens) in St. Louis. Located in the middle of the gardens is the Climatron which houses a beautiful jungle. When we visited it was about 15 degrees outside, but inside it was a humid, 90 degrees, lush and tropical. 

New Work for ServiceNow

We worked with Intrepid on their current re-brand of ServiceNow on a ton of really cool graphics and designs! Here’s a cutdown of just a few!


Game Day Spots

We just completed an awesome batch of spots for the NFL and Orig3n with the folks at Kaboom! Check it out below! 


Location Scouting: Lower Greystone

Our location scouting adventures have taken us to mansions throughout the United States, from the Biltmore in North Carolina, to the Tower Grove House in St. Louis, to the Governor’s Mansion and Fioli in Northern California, but one of our favorites is the Greystone Manor, tucked away in Beverly Hills. 

One of our favorite parts of the mansion (seen below) is the old greenhouse. It’s amazing. 

Location Scouting: Fort Tejon

As we continue our location scouting adventures (with previous adventures taking place at Yosemite, Mescal, and the abandoned remains of something from the apocalypse) we have a few more wonderful photos, this time from Fort Tejon located in the Grapevine of Southern California. 

Location Scouting: Yosemite

We location scout. A lot. It’s where story and creative usually starts for us and in the past has taken us to Iceland, Kauai, Costa Rica, and other wonderfully exotic places. When we were preparing to shoot The West and the Ruthless, our debut feature, we found so many cool places and eventually led us to Arizona where we filmed in the desert of Tucson.

As we prepare for our next project, we’re once again exploring locations and revisiting some of our favorite locations. One we often return to is Yosemite. 

Umbrella Factory Feature Film Development

With the Award Winning Short Film, The Umbrella Factory playing on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network, we wanted to show off a little behind the scenes that we’ve been working on for the Feature Film Development. The Umbrella Factory Feature has a wonderful new look that creates an even bigger world - somewhere between Tim Burton and Harry Potter. 

Brian Miller, artist extraordinaire, crafted each of the amazing illustrations for the concept art below, from The Windmill on Windy Hill to the incredible details of The Peculiar Zoo!

The Windmill on Windy Hill

Graveyard Manor

The Curiosity Shoppe

The Peculiar Zoo

The Grand Lobby

An Automatted Carriage

The Umbrella Factory

Check Out the 2018 Studio Reel Refresh!

2018 is here and we hit the ground running (like always!) Here’s our brand new 2018 Studio Reel update! It’s a nice refresh and features some brand new work we completed for the NFL, Marketo, ServiceNow, Reflective Democracy, and Kelton along with some favorite pieces for Google, Fair Hotels, IBM, Airbnb, Apollo Group, El Rey Network, Chevron, and our agency friends at Ross, MTA, and production companies like Ballistic, Kaboom, and more! 

As always a HUGE thank you to everyone who works with us to make this amazing looking work possible! 


Year End Highlights!

Well, 2017 is almost in the rear view mirror! What an unbelievable year. Before we string up the Christmas lights and start pounding back Egg Nogs (so gross but you have to) we wanted to not only say HAPPY HOLIDAYS but also send a GIANT SIZED THANK YOU to everyone that helped us make 2017 our biggest year ever!

We kicked off the year by finishing up Post Production on our Feature Film, The West and the Ruthless! It was a great way to start off the year - and even better, it was immediately acquired for World Wide Distribution by Tall Tree Entertainment! They then headed off to Berlin to kick off international sales.

The West and the Ruthless, International Posters

The West and the Ruthless then Premiered at AIFF and we had the chance to screen the film to a sold out audience, a wonderful Q&A, and then an incredible after party with the cast and crew! 

West would go on to win a ton of awards including Best Western, Best Actress, and Best Visual FX as well as rack up nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Actor at Genre Celebration! The film also grabbed some great reviews from the likes of Jonathan Martin at FilmQuest who said:

Swaggering onto the screen with confidence and bravado, The West and the Ruthless will keep you guessing as it boils over to its thrilling conclusion. Grabbing you by the face and never letting go, Ruthless packs more grit than a prize fighter and promises a showdown that will leave you breathless.
— Jonathan Martin (FilmQuest)

We did some wonderful press for the film including an interview with Scripts Magazine before the film headed to Cannes where it would be sold to 4 Digital and Sony Pictures!!

We then directed a bunch of commercials that went on to win a bunch of awards! Including two Pollies and five Telly Awards with awesome agency MTA!

After that we began preliminary work on our next features. This took us on some incredible location scouting adventures, including an abandoned western town and what looks to be the remains of another world - conveniently located in the 30 mile zone. 

With the impending release of The West and the Ruthless, we began restoring two of our original shorts to their 4K and 5K glory. This was the re-release of Haunting of the White Sparrow and One Shot, which look amazing. 

Then two of our other short films were acquired by Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network. The release included a brand new interview shot on location at the El Rey Studios and never before seen Behind the Scenes for each film. 

Then we directed another round of incredible commercials! This time overseeing many of the fall campaigns for book publishing giant, Harper Collins and HarperOne! 

After that, we had the opportunity to work on a brand new TV show about the war against ISIS, The Volunteers. We worked with the amazing producers at Ricky Schroder Productions and the show debuted on Audience Network with back to back episodes and some incredible advertising in Times Square!


Then, on November 7th, The West and the Ruthless was released on iTunes, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, VuDu, On Demand, TCM, and more! 

The feeling of walking into a store and grabbing a copy is a feeling we'll never forget (although it was strange to have to buy a copy of our own movie - I mean - it's our movie, right?????)

November and December brought a ridiculous amount of film pitches - that fingers crossed - we figure out what we’re doing. 

SO, here’s to an incredible and even bigger 2018! 

Nick + Lexie

Fall Advertising Campaigns Part II

We have another huge update of work we’ve been doing this fall for a ton of amazing Advertising Campaigns! Once again we worked with some tremendously talented Artists, Producers, Writers, and Agencies! 

Serving Our Country (Art Direction, Graphics, and Post for Unite Here)

Fast Food Genocide (Illustrations, Graphics, Art Direction, and Post for Harper Collins)

Pension (Art Direction and Design for AFSCME)

Pension Spot and Online Campaign (Art Direction and Design for AFSCME)

UC Campaign (Art Direction and Design for AFSCME)

Unite Here (Design, Concept, Animation)